Meetup Event: the courses of Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurs

February 18, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Hi folks! We’ve just started to open our free basic course which you all are welcome to join whether it’s for building up connections or any networking. Please feel free to participate so we can exchange ideas. Briefly, our experts can give you some guidance in Digital Marketing, Digital Media, Investment plus recruitment etc. We’re now based in Bangkok and want to host this interesting Meetup event, also for all Entrepreneurs, designers, illustrators, developers including those who are looking for career opportunities and creatives to network, get feedback, talk about projects, create masterminds and just enjoy! Afterwards we could go for food and/or drinks, but what’s important to us is just getting a friendly and warm community together and creating some opportunities for those trying to learn or seeking work.  🙂 Please feel free to call me before the events start 098-734-2949 (Belar)