Hello world – again!

Hi again! Back in Business. I recently visited Bangkok – again – and there were so many events that I couldn’t really makes sense out of it, nor could I find a comprehensive list. The same goes for co-working spaces. It feels like the amount has doubled, or even trippled, within a year.

So I have created a map with all the spaces I know off and an event calendar that draws all the Startup (related) events together. I’m still working on a convenient way of integrating Facebook and Eventbrite Events, but that’ll take another week or so.

Feel free to send me all the events you want to publish here, on Facebook and on Twitter.

In terms of content, expect nothing much but lists of stuff I find online and useful for startups. Nothing much related to Bangkok’s startup community in particular. I, unfortunately, don’t have the time to do the whole interview & news thing again.

  • Alex Molibden

    Hello Christian, I’m holding UX/UI Course in Bangkok for startups and web designers, is there any way to add my event to your calendar? This is my event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/683912968414268/ You can contact me on Facebook or by email: alex.molibden@gmail.com

    • Christian Walter

      Currently not, unfortunately. But I will add it! Thanks.

  • Alisa Ps

    Hi Chrisitian, we are hosting a workshop about crowdfunding at HUBBA-TO later this month. The workshop will discuss how crowdfunding can help launch ideas including case studies of campaigns that works here in Thailand. This is our event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/517427501798511/ Can you please contact me via ap@asiola.com and let me know how I can add my event to your calendar? Regards, Alisa

    • Christian Walter

      I added an Event Submission button for future events. Your event has already been added.